A little about us....

Our name - why Hot Yoga Yoga? Well, we are firm believers that repetition is key to achieving milestones. If at first you don't succeed wipe the slate clean, try try again. 

Our history - We started out as a store on ebay offering a percentage of our profits to our favourite charities. We then worked within a yoga boutique studio in Swansea, UK offering a loyalty card to obtain freebies. We decided to grow with loyalty type rewards so people focused on the opportunity to earn their free class, find a freebie, find offers and keep up their fitness. Our yoga classes range from high intensity classes to a gentle and slower paced class. Suitable for absolute beginners, beginners, intermediate and advanced students. For now, we are keeping things online. We hope this changes so classes will be available in person. 

Choose Holistic - Covid 19 certainly changed viewpoints on teaching and keeping busy with what we enjoy. Holistic approaches to Yoga, Holistic remedies and healing. Here we decided on opening a doorway to Psychic services. Yoga is a constant learning of Third Eye Chakra development and attunes spiritual psychic gifts. We aim to offer a limited service is available for tarot card readings.