Class Schedule

All Regular Classes in White Boxes available. 

All class spaces in PINK are only available for our 'one to one' or 'Private Group Bookings'

Please book via our Mind Body Online or TEXT - 07903 950823 24hrs in advance to avoid disappointment. 

The 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge - Introductory Offer  £39 for 30 days. 

Sign up in our Studio. Next sign up to be announced....

Dos and Don'ts
You must complete 30 consecutive days of Bikram Hot Yoga Classes every day for 30 days (only Sundays off). If you miss one class one week you MUST do a double class that week to be still included in the trial. Do not give up. Class every day with Sundays off unless requested to alternate a double.

The Hot / Yoga 30 Day Challenge:

Mix up the classes and choose a Hot/Yoga class every day for 30 days. You MUST make sure you complete 30 consecutive days. If you miss one class you can make up for it and do a double that week only. Sundays off.

Stick to the rules. You got this. Win some prizes if you complete the Challenge.